Franchise Consulting

  • 27 years collective experience as franchisor and franchisee
  • Project work or ongoing retainer
  • Expertise in the following:
    • Franchise sales
    • Business development
    • Sales processes and client nurturing and development
    • Sales and marketing collaterals
    • Operation systems
    • Franchise operations

Where we know franchise development is more than a good idea…

growsalesFranchise development means more than having a good idea… more than one ‘good idea’ or franchise concept has languished or even gone by the wayside because of poor franchise development. Or because they hit the ‘dead zone’ of franchise development in their historical ramp up of the model. And that’s why I started Franchise Building Expert. 

Here’s how our company works in with our clients. We have mastered these skill sets. Beware the ‘full service’ franchise consultants who really can’t be all things to all people or who ‘farm out’ their weak areas. No one can be an expert in everything. We do two things and we do them well.

Franchise development and sales – Our company brings experience in the creation of sales processes, scripting, and candidate evaluations. We partner with you in the development and implementation of a process that will be successful in your franchise. We also teach professional franchise selling skills to franchise sales people. We will be focused with you and your sales team on unit expansion and company growth. We can also assist in developing necessary franchise industry relationships i.e. those with franchise broker/consultant companies to help sell your franchises.

Who should consider working with Franchise Building Expert?

  • Newly formed or franchisors having commenced operations within the last year; 0 – 10 franchise sales to date…
  • Franchisors with 10 – 50 franchises in operation and who also have 8 or more years in business; where franchise sales & development has plateaued or stagnated.

What we do in working with your executive team or sales director…

  • Create an applicant qualifying system/candidate evaluation and sales process focused on the concept of closing throughout the sales process not at the end.
  • Develop sales scripting, process forms and other paperwork to compliment the sales process.
  • Train sales/business development teams on:
    • franchise industry professional selling skills
    • Handling candidates through the sales process
    • Getting more candidates to Discovery Day and the finish line/decision day.