Meet Don Schin

Don is a seasoned businessman, professional, and entrepreneur with franchise, global, and small business expertise.  He’s also an accomplished professional speaker, writer, and author on a variety of topics particularly business development and personal relationships.

Everything that Don delivers, whether in a seminar, workshop, webinar, or 1 on 1 format provides immediately applicable value to the attendees. Don teaches and speaks about things he’s lived and done not theory.  When working with Don in whatever capacity you’ll see a very measurable ROI for your consulting and training dollars.

Don has been married for 35 years his wife, Kim, and they have two children – Adam, still in college as a student-athlete pursuing a computer engineering degree, and a married daughter, Lauren. He recently became a grandparent to Lauren’s son Courage Joshua.

Don and Kim are very active in their community through their church. Don also serves on several Board of Directors in business and non-profit including Bethesda Mission and recently the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. He was also recently asked to serve for an organization named Baseball Chapel as the chaplain for the AA baseball team the Harrisburg Senators.

He loves cars, the beach, reading, physical fitness, and helping and contributing to people’s lives.

Meet Josh Bixler 🚀

Unlocking Potential, One Story at a Time

With 19 years of experience in the world of sales, Josh Bixler is not your average professional. He’s a dedicated husband to Lauren and a loving father to seven wonderful children. His life’s journey has been a tapestry of experiences, each thread woven with the stories of remarkable people he’s met along the way.

A Passion for People 🤝

Josh’s heart beats for the stories that people carry within them. He believes that every individual is a living, breathing book, filled with chapters of triumph, struggle, and resilience. Listening to these stories has been his life’s calling.

Empowering Freedom 🦅

Josh is not just a salesman; he’s a liberator of potential. His mission is to help others discover the path to their own freedom. Whether it’s breaking down sales barriers or overcoming life’s obstacles, Josh is a beacon of support and inspiration.

Nurturing Gifts 🌟

Josh is a firm believer in the God-given gifts that reside within each of us. He’s dedicated to nurturing and encouraging those talents, helping people find their unique purpose and passion.

Family First 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

When he’s not unlocking potential in others, Josh cherishes every moment with his beautiful wife, Lauren, and their seven amazing children. Family is at the core of his being, and together, they create a vibrant tapestry of love and laughter.

Adventure and Togetherness 🌍

Josh’s love for exploring new horizons is rivaled only by his love for spending quality time with his family. Traveling to far-off destinations or enjoying a simple day out, every moment is an adventure when they’re together.

Join Josh on his journey of discovery, empowerment, and the celebration of the human spirit. Let’s unlock your story, together.

Meet Luke Frey

Luke Frey is the founder of Bella Vista Executive Advisors. With a diverse background that includes 20 years as a successful franchise owner of ImageFIRST Cincinnati, 6 years as an industrial engineer for a Fortune 250 company, and 19 years as a firefighter and chief, Luke has honed his leadership and problem-solving skills to become a positive driving force in the franchise industry.

Luke’s extensive experience and drive to learn make him a sought-after advisor. His management, marketing, operations, and sales expertise helps those seeking to become business owners through franchising as well as existing franchise owners.

How we got here

Time And Money

My team will guide you to the right franchise system for you. With thousands of franchise choices, it’s impossible to navigate it alone. We provide the help you need to succeed.

If you want to win, you must follow a proven system. By choosing the right franchise system you exponentially increase your ability to profit and have the meaningful life you deserve. Your choice is clear…go it alone or with a team that knows how to win.


big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

This is a no-obligation or cost process for our consulting services, or for the vast amounts of information about franchises we will provide.  Because of our credibility and experience in the industry, we have relationships with the best franchisors that are seeking quality candidates like you.  And they compensate us if we find a business for you.

Questions? Just ask!

The last or “now” part of my story is this – since I’ve been a business owner, I’ve truly let God in; I’ve let Him “drive.” Every 3 or 4 years, He challenges me to grow to the next level. And the next level for me NOW is the biggest jump ever! 

I am called to make a generational impact. FOUR generations to be exact – my grandchildren’s grandchildren. I want to live bigger, NOW, GIVING, not getting. Money is no longer my measure of success – how many lives I can touch and impact for the Kingdom, is. There is no greater impact that I can have than to share the Good News of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. How living for HIM and a relationship with Him, changes everything.

Find out more about how He can change your life, too. I’m always happy to talk.