Is franchise development like politics?

Ever think franchise development / sales could be like politics? Well, there is one key that we can learn from the political arena. And that’s constantly staying on point or on the message you want to convey.  Let me explain.

Something I’ve learned over the years developing a franchise network is that you have to find out why people want to buy, what is motivating them, what will influence them. As my friend and sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer constantly hammers away on is that you should sell what people want to buy and need and tailor to their ‘why’ NOT what YOU want to sell them or why you want to sell them. And here’s my technique learned from the political arena.

Once you know what their motivators and influencers are, constantly circle back around to them, constantly be emphasizing them. And when you know these be sure you ‘link’ them to the features and benefits of your model and your company. Once you find them stay with them, focus on them, and take every opportunity to remind your candidate of them. THAT’S of course, what our politician friends do best. Whatever the question, they may or may not answer it but they will always get THEIR point out there.


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