One of the Best, Yet Little Known, Books of All Time – The Science Of Getting Rich

You see, one of the keys to the franchise, pitfalls and profits is to help us make more money, but in the long run, it’s also for us to live a more contented, purposeful life. Today, I’m going to review a book for you on that subject. 

I’ll read some extracts from the book today and share some of my views and opinions with you. I’ve read this book so many times that the binding is cracked and the pages are coming loose. So I show it to you, but since I’m moving, the book is packaged, which is awful. But it was crucial for me to retrieve some keys for you since they had a significant impact on my life. It’s no longer in print, so obtain the book, find it, read it, or buy an old copy. These are some of the main lessons to be learned from it. You’re going to want to read this one. 

The author of the book, Wallace D. Wattles, is known by the moniker “The Science of Getting Rich.” This book actually came before Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich since it contains so much information that it’s obvious that Napoleon Hill either borrowed from or independently found many of the same scientific principles and variables that contribute to living an abundant and wealthy life. As a result, this book may lead you to believe that money is its only subject when you first start reading it. 

However, the main focus is on carrying out tasks in a manner that has been demonstrated to be effective. And that introduces, so to speak, the science behind everything. Interestingly, Wattles had also endured a great deal of failure in his life. Then, in a manner somewhat like what Napoleon Hill did with a multi-year study of the greats in the world and what made them great, he started to examine successful individuals.  

Let us now explore some of the themes that I really wanted to discuss with you today from The Science of Getting Rich. He discusses the right to wealth and how no individual should be content with a meager amount if he is capable of using and enjoying more. There is nothing wrong with wanting to become wealthy, and this desire is truly a yearning for a life that is richer, fuller, and more abundant. and that in order to live a life that is truly full and purposeful, the body, mind, and spirit must all work in harmony with one another. 

Giving to the people he loves will bring a man the most delight. Giving is the most organic and unplanned way that love can be expressed. Being kind, we may say that not hoarding is one of the keys to this science. It’s not simply about my own personal success rates, contentment, riches, assets, and bank accounts. It has to do with being kind. Being generous is one of the first topics you should cover.

The ability to perform a task is not dependent on one’s talent because many people with Exceptional talent  lives in disadvantaged circumstances. This should inspire all of us. Waddles is demonstrating that everyday Joes and Janes can achieve success—in fact, they can achieve outrageously, wildly successful success. It is crucial to understand that this is a technique that anyone can use to achieve great success provided they follow specific guidelines. So always remember that anyone may succeed. They are subject to the same laws of wealth as everyone else. In other words, the science of success holds true for both the hourly worker and the highly skilled individual, and it also holds true for all fields, industries, and occupations.

Wattles also emphasizes the important idea that God expects us to maximize our potential for both selfish and altruistic reasons. So, once more, there’s the generosity element, and you may help people more by giving your all to yourself. The fact that I think Wattles was a man of faith and a man of God is one of the topics I wanted to discuss in this essay. However, whether or not you believe in God, these concepts still apply. So don’t alienate me. Don’t stop reading the remainder of this. This is not a book about religion or God, so if you don’t believe in him or you’ve had problems or conflicts with Christians, please keep listening and buy the book. Here’s more from Wattles: “This is a book on doing things in ways that are known to be successful or to bring success.”

We cannot deal with people unfairly. We do not have to get something for nothing. This process of doing things in a certain way successfully is giving to every man, woman more than what they take from them. And the key here is to give him or her more value in use than in cash value. So give more than you get. And again, this is biblical, but we should not hesitate about asking largely because Jesus, even in the Bible, said that it is your Father’s pleasure to give you the kingdom. Nothing more. 

Again, if you’re a believer, there’s nothing more than the kingdom with a capital K. God, the one substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. So he wants to see us succeed. And again,  whether you’re a believer or not, God wants to see mankind succeed. Now that we’ve discussed the giving element and the fact that anyone can do this, let’s move on to another point. As we’ve previously discussed, success is a result of giving more than you receive. Gratitude is another aspect of this.

It is also simple to realize that the closer we are to the source of money, the more riches we can obtain. According to Wattles, individuals are trapped in poverty most often by their lack of gratitude. And it’s also simple to see that the soul that is perpetually grateful is closer to the source—that is, to God with a capital G—than the soul that never acknowledges him in gratitude. The more gratefully we focus on God when good things happen to us, the more good things we will receive and the quicker they will develop. However, regardless of whether you believe in God or not, there is a law that must be followed. 

According to Wattles, there is a universal law of appreciation, and following it is essential if you want to achieve your goals. You start to lose momentum as soon as you let your mind linger on how unhappy you are with how things are. Therefore, having more will be possible if we are Be thankful for what we already have.

Now let’s go on to the section on thinking in a specific manner, which is also one of Napoleon Hill’s most significant works, and where the thoughts develop richly. And that is that you need to create a distinct mental image in your head of what you want. Unless you already own this idea, you cannot communicate it to anyone or the cosmos. It can’t merely be to make anything better. Everyone has those ambitions. Therefore, it’s not simply to be wealthy. However, you must be as explicit as you can. According to Napoleon Hill, it was the main goal and purpose of life. And that must be made abundantly apparent. Now, action is a separate component of this way of thinking. In other words, Wattles claims that if all you do is have a clear vision or imagery of your goal in life—again, what Napoleon Hill referred to as your “primary aim and purpose”—you will only be a dreamer.

Wattles asserts that there must be an unshakeable, indestructible trust that the thing is already there, behind the goal and mental image of this. Again, this is a lot of what Napoleon Hill talks about when he says that the physical world will start to attract the people, things, and actual substance of what you are thinking and believing in as soon as you grasp that, as soon as you hold that desire in your mind, as soon as you have it crystal clear morning and night. Napoleon Hill calls this thought process “auto suggestion.”  

In other words, think, act, and have faith that you’re going to have it or that it’s going to come true. Wattles also stresses the need to not rely solely on our willpower, saying that doing so will only lead to failure because our willpower is not that powerful. So, neither will we be able to obtain what we want nor fulfill these lofty goals. Through nothing more than our own willpower, we can achieve these greater goals and purposes in life.

We also go back to the original line of thinking, saying that you should leave poverty and everything related to it behind you. Therefore, if you have ever experienced loss, never revisit it. If you’ve failed, don’t turn around or look back while you maintain the details of those failures fresh in your mind. Your main goal and distinct purpose in life must be in your clear focus and vision so that you can work toward it. 

I’ll therefore end here. Now once more, only in this particular style of doing and thinking, the vision received sets Creative Forces in mind, and the way you’re going to succeed is by operating in REGULAR CHANNELS OF ACTION. Competition is not the topic here. Competition is actually a bad thing because it is a sign of a scarcity mindset, which is contrary to Wattles’ assertion that abundance thinking is necessary for success. Let me now simply conclude. There may be one more quote here. I want to outline everything for you. The final Wattles quotation I want to use is that the only way to achieve the economic salvation of the masses is to encourage more individuals to use the scientific methods outlined in his book in order to become wealthy and support their community.

Go read the book, but the important ideas we’ll cover today will center on having a giving mindset and realizing that anyone can accomplish this. You don’t need to possess unique skills. or capabilities. You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Regardless of one’s position in life, everyone can accomplish this. You should strive to provide greater value than you do. That’s still another way to become wealthy in this situation. Incorporate the Law of Gratitude into your life. You will never receive more if you aren’t content with what you now have and appreciative of it. We want you to identify your primary goal and specific life purpose. 

In your mind, it has been so thoroughly developed that it is crystal clear with figures and so much so that you can feel it and sense that it is already yours. As a result, you may have faith in the fact that it is already yours and ready. But you must also do more than just daydream; you must also put your thoughts and ambitions into action. For this system to function, you must incorporate your own actions—positive behaviors that never give up. And finally, by first becoming wealthy and prosperous so that we can help others, we will have the largest impact on our neighbors, friends, communities, and country. This is the only way to achieve this.


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