Why I started my own business | Franchise sales tips from Don Schin

One of the things I think might be interesting is to think and talk about why I got into business for myself. 

It all began with being moved about during the hostile takeover of the corporation. Some eventually bought the business. You see, in the end, I made it through everything. I’m not sure if that was a good or terrible thing. You know, at the end of the day, I made it through all of the corporate bouncing around and all of the corporate politics and stuff, but it really made me question why I was still working for the man. You’ve probably heard the expression, but I didn’t come up with it. I mean, I was making nice money, I had stock options, company cars, and annual bonuses, so don’t get me wrong, I was making very good money. So why am I generating wealth for other people to want? However, I wasn’t actually active in its creation for me. 

So I actually spent five or six months working with a career coach. And it really dawned on me that I was capable of achieving my goals on my own. I had what it took to succeed on my own and take care of things for myself, including the skills, talent, and ambition. So, curiously enough, I started a business in the United States at a very early stage; I was the very first franchisee for a business that was coming from abroad. More significantly, or perhaps equally significantly, I might say, the business was a coaching and training firm. So, in addition to having the experience of doing it alone, I also learnt how to effectively grow enterprises. I also gained knowledge on how to assist others in doing the same. 

I now own skill sets in teaching and training unlike anyone else. And there was no reason why starting a simple business like window washing or gardening would not have been much better. However, such things did not help me develop the skill sets I have now. We’re in the process of clearing out the house and getting rid of 30 years’ worth of things, so you know, I was cleaning out some old file cabinets over the weekend. I came across a folder that, I’m ashamed to say, I dubbed my ego folder or my ego file.

I used to jot down things that someone who had mentored me over the years had said, “You know, you want to save those when you receive accolades, prizes, and awards, or something’s published about you because there will be days,” especially if you work in sales or any other area of business development. But now, as a franchise building expert, I concentrate on franchise development and teaching people how to sell effectively.

I was shocked to see it as I was looking through this folder. Yeah, you know, I was always, always in the running for annual awards. You know, I was at the top of the company, the top 20 or 30 territories, or total territories, and I was always in the running and always on the list. was nearly always released every month. But during the weekend, I finally understood how much of that focus was on my accomplishments and me. And when I struck out on my own, especially when I decided to enter the training and coaching industries, I truly began to realize that I cared about other people.

I was worried about being able to assist others along the path. To follow my example, one must be independent. Take a calculated risk and take the chance. I just wanted to share that tale because I think it inspires people to go out and create money for themselves and their families. Even though I was successful, I considered myself to be a really average guy. I ventured forth on my own. I now know how to accomplish that, and I now place a lot more emphasis on other people. My emphasis is primarily on relevance and less on my own accomplishments. I wanted to leave you with that then, today.


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