Causes we Support

Bountiful Blessings provides non-food items to struggling families.  We distribute through the churches. The families volunteer back time to the churches, as a thank you.  The combination of the churches meeting the community needs and mandatory volunteerism = over 30% church growth of unchurched families.  Under Bountiful Blessings is a program, Heavenly Hauler’s Ministry.  This program cleans up the environment and places Bibles in the hands of people from various walks of life.  The funds raised through Heavenly Hauler’s Ministry underwrite most of the expenses of Bountiful Blessings.  This allows the donation dollars to go directly back to the families in the form of products.

Bethesda Mission

Bethesda Mission provides housing and various recovery programs for homeless and hurting men, women, and children through our shelters as well as general support through our Community Center and Samaritan Services. Our organization seeks to bring about holistic change (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and occupationally) through investing directly into the lives of our guests over a long period of time. Bethesda Mission has six missional components that compose our Network of Compassion, which allows us to assist in all areas:

  • The Men’s Mission houses men, provides them with meals, life-skill classes, access to social services, and uses a 12-step Christian Program to encourage long-term recovery. Men who enter the program are paired with a Life Coach, who oversees their 1-year stay. The Men’s Mission also offers a soup line every day at 4:30 pm for anyone needing a hot meal.
  • The Women’s Mission houses women suffering from addiction and abuse and their children. It provides a safe haven for self-reflection and growth as well as classes (finance and budgeting, health and fitness, etc.) that provide the life skills necessary to thrive once the women leave the Shelter. The Women’s Shelter also offers a transitional living area for women who complete the program and need extra time to find a viable home.
  • The Community Center is mainly for youth and family outreach and offers 4 main programs: a summer program, an after-school program, Takeover717, and a workforce development program. Summer and after-school programs are divided into groups based on grade level: Dream (Grades 2-4), Inspire (Grades 5-8), and Reach (Grades 9-12). Community Center staff mentor at-risk youth and equip families with skills to avoid homelessness in the future.
  • The Mobile Mission reaches out to the homeless in surrounding areas that are unable or unwilling to enter our programs. The van goes out every weekend with food, blankets, and other supplies to the encampments around the city. Staff and volunteers interact relationally with the street homeless, ministering and offering emotional care.
  • The Food Bank supports Bethesda Mission, other non-profits, and individual families in Central PA through storing and distributing food and beverages to our shelters, local churches, and other organizations.
  • The Medical and Dental Clinics provide preventative and emergency care for individuals in our shelters. The Medical Clinic also does a preliminary assessment of all potential guests and helps create an action plan to enable recovery.

You can learn more about Bethesda Mission on our website or donate here.