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Our team has owned & operated both small businesses and franchises as well as worked for major franchisors.  We know the challenges of starting up, growing, and running a franchise brand.  And we know the right ways to do it based on the various models we’ve been in and/or experienced over our 27 years in franchising.

When it comes to what we specifically do, know that we can handle anything from your start up all the way to handling your marketing, sales, and new franchisee launch.  No matter where you are in the franchise process we can help.  For example, maybe you need to make your corporate owned, flagship units more profitable, get you ready for franchising (i.e. systemizing my business and creating operations manuals), or help with your FDD and a referral to a great franchise attorney.  Or maybe you are ready to sell franchises and need our top notch professional outsourced sales team, or even to help train your master franchisees/area developers. Franchise Building Expert can do it all.

And finally, we are truly partners in your success.  Based on our backgrounds, regardless of the specific work we’re doing for you, we’ll roll up our sleeves and give you advice or assistance wherever we can.  You can truly leverage our industry relationships and credibility, experience, and professionalism.

More about our outsource, professional franchise sales team…

Growth plans for even the strongest brands can drag or fail if the right franchise sales team is not in place. The right franchise sales team and system can make all the difference in the world as to whether you sell a couple of franchises a year or really hit the cover off the ball… We take a unique, tailored, and professional approach to building your franchise selling system.

Being your outsourced sales and business development arm, we can’t work in a vacuum.  Therefore, we are always available and active in helping you develop your marketing plan and specific campaigns.  We’ll even do some marketing for you to our contacts and data bases. Or, as noted above, we can be your marketing department as well.

Bottom line is that whether you are a new emerging brand, or an older, slower growth concept, we can make your goals of higher franchise sales a reality.  All under our “costs you nothing” value proposition.

Franchise Building Expert will work specifically in the following areas of your company:

  • Outsource Franchise sales
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Sales processes/selling systems and client nurturing and development
  • Sales and marketing collateral creation
  • Operation systems
  • Franchise operations
  • New franchise launch
  • Master franchise/area development training

big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

This is a no-obligation or cost process for our consulting services, or for the vast amounts of information about franchises we will provide.  Because of our credibility and experience in the industry, we have relationships with the best franchisors that are seeking quality candidates like you.  And they compensate us if we find a business for you.

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