Franchise Training Opportunities

We providing training events and gatherings to help you understand the ins and outs of owning and growing a franchise.

Improve your franchise selling skills!

Whether you are a sales representative for a franchisor, a founder of an emerging brand doing the sales yourself, or are already in the business of franchise consulting, this training will help you perfect your skills and make you more money!

Founder of Franchise Building Expert Don Schin has developed the franchise sales training by leveraging his 22 years in the industry as a multi-territory master franchisee, franchise broker/consultant, and Franchisor CEO. He’s taken all that’s been learned from these various businesses and roles, as well as exposure to all the other franchise consulting companies in the industry, the best of the best if you will, and incorporated it into our franchise selling skills training programs. So you get the best of the best techniques and resources, plus Don’s award-winning coaching, all in one place from one company.

Franchise Sales Training is delivered in various ways:

  • On-line/digital course Franchise Sales Accelerator. Check out our Master class and program at the following links: and 
  • LIVE via webinars, in-person training days, or on-site at your company location.  
  • We can also deliver our training 1:1, stand-alone just to you. Ask us more about our unique, ‘shared risk’ approach to helping you become a franchise consultant. 
  • Ongoing franchise sales skills support and/or coaching can also be provided as an add on to your training.
Are you considering becoming a franchise consultant?

This is a lucrative and very rewarding career! If you have great people and communication skills, you could leverage them in helping people find the business of their dreams through franchise consulting. OR maybe you are in the franchise industry already. Even better! Maybe you’ve sold franchises for a franchisor and now want to leverage that into your own consulting company.

Either way, Franchise Building Expert is the place for you!  We have developed a complete consultant training program. We offer a one-of-a-kind investment plan in the franchise training industry. Its different than any other consultant training company in franchising. Our program is weighted toward YOU being successful and then we are too. 

big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

This is a no-obligation or cost process for our consulting services, or for the vast amounts of information about franchises we will provide.  Because of our credibility and experience in the industry, we have relationships with the best franchisors that are seeking quality candidates like you.  And they compensate us if we find a business for you.

Interested in scheduling a training? Let us know!